Maple Syrup Grading

by Northgate Sugar Maples

A true maple syrup fan will know, the grading of a syrup is what determines its taste, look and the best use of it within the kitchen. Remember, we are not talking about your breakfast syrups like Aunt Jemima, we are talking about the true Canadian icon that is maple syrup.

In Canada, where 80% of the world’s real maple syrup is produced, and where there is an emergency stockpile of maple syrup in case of a bad year…

Grade A: Golden Colour and Delicate Taste

This syrup is the speciality of the northern climates in the US and generally runs in February. It is the first syrup of the season, is the lightest in colour, and packs a delicate flavour. It is best used when drizzled over berries, pancakes, waffles or even oatmeal.

Grade A: Amber Colour and Rich Flavor

Made in the mid-season, the amber colour and rich flavour grade is your classic maple syrup that is readily available in chain stores across the country. This syrup is paired perfectly with cocktails or baking and would be the perfect accompaniment to our salmon recipe. You can also utilize amber colour and rich flavour syrup for glazing a ham or fish!

Grade A: Dark Colour and Robust Flavor

Dark colour and the robust flavour is a favourite among those who love to grill or for those who truly love the flavour of maple. It is a strong and deep flavour that will leave your mouth and breath with the sweetness that we love in our maple syrups. We strongly suggest utilizing it as a glaze on your favourite meats or add it to a bbq sauce to bring out the sweet in an already tangy homemade sauce. If you are looking for an unconventional use, try it in replacement of honey with cheese, and explore this hard to get grade of real maple syrup.

Grade A: Very Dark Colour and Strong Flavor

If you love maple, the very dark and strong flavour variant is for you. This is the last to be tapped syrup that ensures a flavour that sticks with you throughout the day. It will be a little tough to find, as typically this grade is not available for commercial sale. However, if you know a maple farmer or two, they might be able to get you a bottle for the right price. If you are looking to use it in a recipe, it would be best used to substitute for molasses as it is so thick.

No matter if you are a fan of Ontario maple syrup, or a fan of another geographic region, the one thing that we can all agree on is maple syrup is amazing.  With this information in hand, you will be safe to enjoy syrup worldwide with the knowledge that you will know exactly what you are buying.

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