Cannabis Industry Investment Opportunity

The recent legalization of Cannabis here in Canada has opened up many new opportunities for investors interested in this explosive growth industry.

I have spent the last two years learning everything there is to know about the maple syrup industry here in Ontario, from sap to kitchen table. By combining this knowledge with extensive research into the field of cannabis edibles (both THC and CBD based) I believe that the CannaMaple segment of the cannabis edibles industry will provide a high growth opportunity when the edible products arrive here in Canada.

Having held a number of executive positions throughout my career, both corporate and entrepreneurial, I am in a position to spearhead a new CannaMaple project and I am looking for like-minded venture investors to work with.

Hire Me!!

I am looking for investors who are wish to enter the emerging cannabis edibles industry. I am a highly motivated and skilled entrepreneurial manager who can set the wheels in motion. The cannabis edibles segment of this industry is just coming into its own and offers ground floor/first mover opportunities to forward thinking venture capitalists. Edibles are taking off in the U.S. (in the legal states) in both the medicinal sector and the recreational side of the industry. As the full legalization of edibles is only months away for all of Canada, the time is “now” to establish a quality driven cannabis company.

I am proposing that we begin this venture with THC and CBD infused maple syrup as our main product, adding a full line of edibles as the company grows. You will be hiring me to launch the company in the role of CEO, on a two year contract (terms to be negotiated).

Several of the preliminary tasks have already been completed for this potential venture (product sourcing, packaging/bottling requirements, equipment requirements, market research, potential locations, etc.). The next immediate steps will be:

  • Business Incorporation
  • The completion of a detailed business plan
  • Bottling plant set-up
  • Label Design/Printing
  • CFIA licensing for the bottling plant
  • Cannabis licensing applications (R&D licensing will be the first)
  • Sample Development
  • Marketing Plan Implementation
  • Trade Show Booth
  • Trade Show Attendance

If you are seriously interested in investing in the Cannabis industry contact me and let’s discuss it further.


Roy Rintoul



Phone #519.940.9031